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Our Values

Reflect’s Commitment

Working closely with partners, having open conversations, co-creating solutions, we shine a light on the strengths and untapped potential in each organization and community we work with. We try our best to be a bridge, connecting theories and ideas to real-life practice, and organizations to the communities they’re part of.


We don’t have any hidden agendas


Sometimes it’s hard to hear – but we share the good stuff and the tough stuff


We know we don’t all start from the same place, and resources should be allocated so that where you start doesn’t determine how you finish


Because team work makes the dream work

Who We Are

  • We are lifelong learners, evaluators, facilitators, coaches, partners, and friends. But we’re people first.
  • We understand the power of personal experiences and how much they can shape research and evaluation.
  • We understand philanthropy.
  • We want to work with partners and projects that believe in racial equity, social justice, and being open and honest.

Martena Reed


Martena (she/her) is an evaluation consultant and learning facilitator with expertise in implementation, multi-site, and systems change evaluation. Her passion lies in collaborative and equitable evaluation and evaluation capacity strengthening. Ms. Reed believes that we can develop more equitable systems by building the capacity of others, especially communities of color, to collect, analyze and utilize data. She has served as PI of multiple evaluation capacity building, developmental evaluation, participatory and community-based research projects. She is experienced in applying equitable and culturally responsive approaches and methods to the evaluation process. Martena has a Master of Social Work with a focus in policy analysis and program evaluation from the University of Michigan.

What We Do

Our Goal

A world where communities have access to solid information to make decisions about their own lives and neighborhoods. We’re committed to lighting up the way to that world, doing it with integrity, inclusivity, and a deep respect for human experience. That’s us. That’s Reflect Evaluation

How We Get There?


Evaluation Design and Planning

We work closely with our clients to create plans that match what they want to achieve. We’re experts in figuring out what needs to be measured, how to measure it, and how to gather all the information we need. This creates a strong starting point for our evaluations


Data Collection and Analysis

We use a combination of strategies to understand current issues, co-create solutions, and identify a path forward. We’ve got a team who knows how to convert loads of data into meaningful messages. Together with you, we’ll pull out the key insights and give advice based on the evidence collected.


Creative Reporting

We know that the best way to make sure findings make a difference is to present them in a way that’s easy to understand and gets people excited. That’s why we use visuals, storytelling, and other tools to share evaluation results. We create reports, infographics, and presentations that break down complex stuff and make it clear for everyone to get.

Our Work


Partner With Us

If you’re wrestling with any of these big questions, we’d love to hear from you.


How do we all work together to create a plan that really checks if our project is working as it should, while considering others’ ideas and opinions?


What’s the best way for us to gather a range of data, so we’re hearing from everyone involved and not just a select few?


How do we sift through this mountain of information we’ve collected, figure out what it’s telling us, and decide on the best course of action based on what we’ve found?


What are some engaging ways we can share what we’ve learned from our project, so it’s easy for all different people to understand, no matter how complicated the data might be?


How can we make sure this whole evaluation process doesn’t just tell us how we’re doing now, but also gives us the insights we need to keep improving in the future?

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